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Welcome to Tai\u2019an City opened electric co., LTD!

Mount tai is a open

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Mount tai is a open

Mount tai is a open -20In enterprise Trustworthy

Tai\u2019an City opened electric co., LTD. Was founded in1998Years,Constant of the division in its industry as air purification project、Electrical switch cabinet series、Coal products,Company is located in beautiful scenery at the foot of mount tai,Is engaged in air purification project,Automatic control system integration、Instrument development、High and low voltage complete sets of equipment design and manufacturing,And to provide industry automation solutions of high-tech enterprises。As shandong university、Shandong university of science and technology production base,Over the years, relying on the advantage of talents in universities and colleges and the abundant technical strength,In order to“With advanced automatic control technology to improve people's lives、The work environment”For the purpose of the enterprise,Developed“Coal mine drainage and hydrological monitoring system”、“Automatic door control system”、“Automatic spray dust device”、“Mine ventilator frequency and energy savingPLCAutomatic monitoring and control system”、“Compressor unattended remote automatic monitoring system”、“Water conservancy hydrologicalGPRSWireless automatic monitoring system”、“Seismological bureau high-precision water temperature observation WellsGPRSThe remote automatic monitoring system”、“Intelligent high and low voltage power distribution equipment”And a series of symbolic system,In the coal、Electric power、Petrochemical industry、Water conservancy、The weather、An earthquake、Environmental protection、Building materials、Metallurgy、Machinery manufacturing、Geological exploration industry such as implemented more than success1000Multiple projects,Product users all over the country25Provinces(Autonomous region、Municipalities directly under the central government),Production safety for industrial and mining enterprises、Saving energy and reducing consumption, and improve the efficiency of production provides effective protection。

The spirit of enterprise:A symbol of the“Health”“Comfortable”“Intelligence”Three impeller is not
Rotary cut off,To the people served better vision,Along with human thrives in history
Mount tai is a open

Ned fresh air system Fresh air full net world Health hundred

Love the world Originality smart Fresh air system all series products Warranty5Years

Three layers of filtering electrostatic dusting all hot new fan

With geographic type box Patent product Smart and reliable and practical

Certificate authority Certification authority Free to join us Technical support Professional equipment Certificate authority

Certification authority,Quality guaranteeCertification authority,Quality guaranteeAuthority certification,Quality assuranceThe company independent research and development production,Products have been testing authority,Quality qualification;Production personnel of production experience in more than a decade,To ensure the quality of each link
Certification authority,Quality guarantee
Customized design,Exclusive customOriginality smart,The quality is superiorOriginality made,Quality excellenceEquipped with professional team door-to-door measurement,And according to individual needs a full set of solutions;10Years of industry experience of design team,Your air,You control yourself
Customized design,Exclusive custom

The central air conditioning cleaning equipment Professional equipment Intelligent control Certificate authority Full support

Special equipment-Pipeline cleaning robot

Our product is worth you have!Product innovation!
Central air-conditioning duct cleaning robot is mainly used in duct cleaning dust collection,Clean with science and technology is an eternal theme,To undertake in order with the robot can improve business orders,Alternative artificial into the pipeline cleaning during construction,A remote control,Security、Efficient、Convenient。

Home appliance cleaning equipment series Patent product Stable and reliable Three years of quality assurance Lifelong maintenance

Walk into · A drive Power factory Create high quality products

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Focus·A drive Grasp the pulse of the market Control the trend of the industry

What the correct use of fresh air system?The five key points to

What the correct use of fresh air system?The five key points to

Energy saving is a、Health、Comfortable、Controlled ventilation system,Can effectively isolate outside the fog in the air、Bacteria and other harmful substances。But if the long-term use does not change in a timely manner and to clean,Easy to breed bacteria,May produce secondary pollution,Is bad for our health。... 【To check the details】


How to select good cleaning company

The strong demand with cleaning and domestic services,P&g around more,How to choose a good service... 【To check the details】


Taian p&g choose mount tai is a family service center,Process standards,The service is good

Mount tai is a open family service center of taian well-known local housekeeping service company,The qualification is complete,Professional cleaning equipment、... 【To check the details】


Decontamination cleaning method of wooden furniture

Mount tai is a open family service center to teach you decontamination cleaning method of wooden furniture。Soap cleaning method,Milk cleaning method, etc... 【To check the details】


Use of toothpaste in life,Small coup

Toothpaste is the necessities of our life,We all know that is used to brush your teeth,But according to taian procter & gamble company,Toothpaste... 【To check the details】

Warm congratulations on the open group22The anniversary celebration is satisfactory

Warm congratulations on the open group22The anniversary celebration is satisfactory

Ninety-eight years of trials and hardships,In ninety-eight, plowed,An enthusiastic summer again,People have a founding festival again!This national celebration day,We also ushered in his own a open person22The anniversary celebration!... 【To check the details】


Warm congratulations on the open group22The end of the anniversary celebration

Ninety-eight years of trials and hardships,In ninety-eight, plowed,An enthusiastic summer again,People welcomed another founding... 【To check the details】


Dawenkou industrial park Full zhuang town, celebrated the founding of the communist party of China98The anniversary

7Month1Day,Dawenkou industrial park、Zhuang town、Dawenkou culture tourism development center、Victory reservoir management center... 【To check the details】


Taian home cleaning on a regular basis,The whole house cleaning,To save time

Home every day,Cooking、Cook、With their children doing their homework、Wash the clothes,Still have time to clean the health?The weather this weekend... 【To check the details】


Tomb-sweeping day ancestor worship the grave、For an outing

Tomb-sweeping day is both martyrs's New York shenglisibie sad and bitter tears,Laughter is for an outing,Is a distinctive... 【To check the details】