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    Weifang HuaAo electromechanical technology center
    Weifang HuaAo electromechanical technology center

    Weifang HuaAo electromechanical technology center,Belongs to the weifang high technology enterprises,Located in weifang high-tech development zone, high-tech venture park。 Mainly engaged in hydraulic machinery,Environmental protection engineering equipment manufacturing,Hydraulic equipment production experience for many years。Consists of hydraulic machinery,Environmental protection equipment,Chemical fertilizer factory,Is the collection of scientific research、Design、Production and sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises [View the details please]

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    Contacts:Manager li 13605360961The phone:0536-8869708Fax:0536-8869705

    Address: Weifang economic development zone s road11Number(General factory)Web site for the record:LuICPTo prepare17009609Number

    The main products:Channeling machine,Pipe cutter,Steel pipe cutting machine